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    My photography career began in 1979 when I was chosen as Editor/Lead Photographer of "The Crusader," my high school newspaper. I photographed my first professional wedding in 1985. I established All You Need Photography in 1988 to provide premium photography and service at affordable prices, and recently began Janney Images to coordinate our many projects across the globe. I was chosen as one of 2010's Best Wedding Photographers by The Knot.

     I am dedicated to making your photographic visions a reality.  My client list includes Citicorp, Coca-Cola, Fox News, GE Energy, Greater Gainesville-Hall Chamber of Commerce, Marriott International, SunTrust Bank, Wachovia, US Army Rangers, USDA Forest Service, as well as thousands of satisfied brides and families across the nation.  Verifiable references dating to 1985 gladly furnished upon request! Call or email today for a free consultation.

     I have been very blessed during my career to have had many of my images and a short story published over the years. Some of these published images and short story include images shot during two trips to Iraq in January 2007 and March 2008. Fox News aired my March photographs and story of Gold Story dad John Wroblewski to the site in Ramadi where his son, 2nd Lt J.T. Wroblewski and 11 other Marines were killed. During independent assignment on military embeds with both the US Army and US Marine Corps, I worked to raise support for our troops and for Gold Star families who have had family members killed in action. Please never forget that freedom is not free!

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    Janney Images and All You Need Photography provide aerial, bridal, corporate, commercial, family, product, prom, senior and wedding photography services.  We offer both studio and location settings, and have portable studio equipment to enable us to make house calls! Just call us and we will come to you for no additional charge if you are in the Atlanta metro area. 

     We are also a proud sponsor of our troops. I visited Iraq in January 2007 with Martha Zoller, and returned in March 2008 to support their sacrifices, and to finish a story on the persecution of Iraqi Christians. Our troops volunteered to serve our country, and deserve our support (regardless of your feelings about the war.) These brave men and women are motivated, and most of them want to finish their hard work so that their (read "our") sons and daughters do not have to return there in 10 years. Please view my blog at for 2008 embed details. You can view a television interview on my published first-hand account of my escort of Gold Star father John Wroblewski to Ramadi, Iraq at's_Journey_to_Iraq/1771.

          All You Need Photography is a proud "Partner In Education" with North Hall High School. We were also honored to have been chosen to photograph Hall County Georgia's official web site, Please Google "Greg Janney" or "All You Need Photography" for hundreds of examples of our work online.

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     Voted one of 2010's Best Wedding Photographers by The, I will do an incredible job for you and your families. We have standard wedding packages from $699 to $1999. All standard packages include an album with your choice of photographs (number of images tiered by package selection), and sixty day web hosting on a password secured site with a shopping cart, so your friends and family can securely view and purchase your photographs on-line.  All packages include an engagement session, and )  I can also design a "custom" wedding package to suit your individual needs and budget.  Please call or email us for a free consultation to determine the best package for your special day!

Don't entrust your wedding or special event to a "weekend warrior" with little experience and no back-up equipment! 

We have been a full-time studio since 1988 and have photographed thousands of weddings. My professionalism, quality images, and 1st class service will exceed your expectations. Book your event with us today - you will be glad you did.

Your next choice is an easy one to make after doing your research to determine the best photographers who treat your guests with the utmost respect; have the most experience - 25+ years!; and guarantee both their 1st Class service and the quality of the images, all for a reasonable price.  Email Greg Janney at to schedule a free consultation or get a quote based on your needs.

     We offer verifiable, published references that date back to 1985. Compare portfolios and look at the quality of our images. True photography is the art of "Painting with Light." Our vibrant photographs speak to your heart, and capture a special moment in time that you will cherish forever. We have over twenty years of courteous, professional experience at an affordable price for photographic works of art that you will be proud to display in your home for years to come. Be an informed consumer, and do some research so you don't waste your money on "snapshots" from the local "gallery" or "big box store" down the street, taken by someone with no formal training, and little experience. Our goal is to provide the best photography experience you've ever had, and images that exceed your expectations.

Our Promise to Our Customers
     We guarantee first class service along with quality images to all our clients!  We personally photograph, edit and fulfill all our orders - NO subcontractors!  Our special blend of professional service along with outstanding photography will make you glad that you chose AYN Photo and Janney Images as your photographer.  Our free consultation will enable you to determine the most cost efficient medium to suit your needs.  Please call or email us today to book your event.  You can contact us via email at or via telephone at (770) 833-4297. I am often shooting on location, please leave a voice mail or send a text, and I will return the call or text as soon as possible.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

 Family and Seniors - June 2007 
As I am sure you know, children grow up in the blink of an eye and family situations can change overnight.  A family portrait is a special chance to freeze time for an instant - to remember a time not so long ago when your children were tiny, and we all looked younger.. Suddenly, they are young adults with their own distinct personalilties and needs, and we look much fatter and grayer. Let us spend a little while with you and your family (or senior) to capture that timeless moment so you get what you want in your portrait.

I offer a free consultation, house calls, unlimited wardrobe and setting changes, proof CD on most packages, and guarantee my work. Please call, text, or email me today to schedule a fun, affordable photography session soon.  I can be reached via email at or by telephone at 770-833-4297. Thank you for your interest in our services.

 News Updates 
News update:  January 2007

I am deploying to Iraq on Friday, January 12, 2007 to do a photojournalism essay on our brave men and women in uniform.  I want to put a human face on our volunteer soldiers and remind the American people of the sacrifices they've made in order to serve our country.  "Freedom is not free!" Martha Zoller, radio talk show host of The Martha Zoller Show (WDUN, 550AM), asked me to join her embed team to document the interviews and journey. Our team includes John Wroblewski (Gold Star father of USMC 2nd Lt. J.T. Wroblewski, KIA in Ar Ramadi on 6 April 2004), LTC Robert Quinn, and myself. Our plan is to get John to the site in Ramadi where J.T. was mortally wounded, so that we can perform a symbolic memorial service for J.T. and all the fallen sons and daughters who have lost their lives in the service of our country.

You can view the story at or find it through Google.
My sincere thanks go out to my sponsors who have made this trip possible:  Turbo Logistics, Davina and Stacy Braselton, and Darla and Gary Griffis.
Please keep us in your prayers and God will do the rest. May God bless America and our troops!

News update - 20 Feb 20 2007  Back from Iraq and Kuwait 

I'm back from Iraq, and have some important news to share with you. I interviewed dozens of troops during my visit, stationed all over Iraq and Kuwait (including inbound troops reinforcing their training in preparation for their upcoming Iraq deployment.)  I also interviewed Iraqis to better understand their situation. For those of you who want the truth as I heard it from the troops and Iraqi civilians, here it is:

Everyone I interviewed (with one exception) said they want to finish their job in Iraq.  In spite of repeated deployments (ie: three times in five years, and the hardships imposed on their families), they all agreed that they want the U.S. people to know that they want the tools to complete the work of implementing democracy in Iraq. All the troops agreed that to pull out now would lead to chaos for the Iraqi people and defeat in the eyes of the terrorists.

They especially appreciate (and continue to need) the U.S. citizens' support during this difficult time.  Many have lost comrades in arms and never want us to forget the sacrifice those brave men and women made performing the duty for which they volunteered. 

The troops' morale is high, but those that have access to the mainstream media are disappointed by its negative reporting. They feel that they are doing a great job under difficult circumstances, but that it is a job they want to do. Any failure to point out the positives cheapens
their sacrifice. "What about the generators we give the people or the medical care we provide to anyone who needs it?", asked one corporal.

"Foreign Fighters"  - The one recurring story I heard from every soldier or Marine stationed outside of Baghdad was that 50 to 60 percent of the insurgents they encountered were Iranian, Syrian or Jordanian, usually armed with weapons manufactured in those countries. One young Sergeant told me about an instruction manual his men discovered that explained how to smuggle vehicles in from Jordan to be used as VBEDs or as suicide vehicles. These interviews indicate that we are not only fighting Al Qaeda, but are also fighting Iran, Syrian and Jordan for control of Iraq. Just this week, the media (and President Bush) spoke about foreign nationals of these countries supplying arms to Iraqi insurgents and/or foreign fighters. The American people need to know that Iraq IS the front for the global war on terrorism. If we lose to the jihadists, they will be encouraged and emboldened, and will spread torture and death throughout the region.

The Iraqis I interviewed just want to live a normal life - to be able to go work or the market or visit friends without fear. They fear the sectarian violence, and that threat dominates their lives.  One Iraqi Christian woman who works for the U.S. as an interpreter is under threat of death because she is viewed as a "collaborator".  Americans need to know how much Iraqis appreciate our sacrifices, and continue to need our help. I also met representatives of the Iraqi Starfish Foundation, an organization that provides medical care and surgery to Iraqi children borne with birth defects or suffering from injuries or disease.  This is a great charitable organization working to improve the lives of innocent children. 

I was humbled by the bravery, humility and the sacrifice of the airmen, Marines, soldiers, and Iraqis I met in Iraq and Kuwait. Please support and pray for them and their families. They only asked for our support - I will support them. They've shed their blood for us. What have you done to honor that sacrifice and that of their families?

News Update: 9 July 2007

Hello Everyone!  Here's proof that I wasn't making up these reports!! Check out which is a CNN report dated 2 July 2007 in which US forces captured Lebanese Hezbollah commanders in Iraq that were there to assist the insurgency. It is a must view!  It saddens me to think that I submitted my Jan 2007 story to multiple media outlets, yet no one was willing to publish it for fear of "offending someone?"

News Update: 18 February 2008

John W and I are returning to Iraq in March to finish what Martha Zoller and our team attempted to do in January 2007. I am also finishing an  important story on the persecution and religious genocide of Iraq's native Christian population. We will also interview troops we meet to get their opinion on the effectiveness of the "surge" and whether they want to come home now (as some folks insist), or stay to complete their mission. I will also document and photograph reconstruction projects (schools, clinics, water / power plants) during our journey.

Please follow our travels and my images by viewing the blog at
You can post comments, encouragement, and thoughts via this site during our trip. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

I offer a most sincere "Thank you" to the following sponsors: Turbo Logistics and the Syfan family to include the National Christian Foundation, Rev. Tom Smiley and the congregation of Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville, Martha Zoller, Mike Maloney, and James and Sally McCoun. Our return to Iraq would not have been possible if not for the generosity of these sponsors. Please support them and remember them in your prayers. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you may email me at, or post to the blog

News Update: March 2008

John Wroblewski and I returned safely from Iraq, having successfully completed our mission to get John to the site in Ramadi where his son, 2nd Lt. J.T. Wroblewski, along with a Navy Corpsman, and 11 other US Marines were KIA in an ambush on 6 April 2004.

In addition to this "first ever" visit by a Gold Star parent to the actual "site", I had the opportunity to interview Canon Andrew White, the Archbishop of Canterbury's representative in Iraq, and one of the few Christian ministers still alive in Iraq after many years of religious genocide against Iraq's native Christians by the Sunni and Shiia extremists.

News Update: June 1, 2008

John and J.T. Wroblewski's story aired on FOX News on Memorial Day, 26 May 2008, during the Britt Hume Show at around 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Jennifer Griffin did a spectacular job of reporting the story, mixing my still photographs, USMC Cpl Angel's video, and post-event interviews with John Wroblewski in his home in the Northeast.
Please visit my blog at for the full story.

News Update: January 21, 2011

BYU-TV (Brigham Young University) has recently expressed an interest in filming an episode on the 2 trips I made to Iraq with Gold Star Dad John Wroblewski to perform a memorial service at the site in Ramadi where John's son, Lt. J.T.Wroblewski and 11 other Marines were killed in a 6 April 2004 ambush. I am also writing a book, "A Father's Journey to Iraq" about our military embeds and the historic memorial service we conducted with USMC Major General Kelly and the men of PSD Company at the site of the 2004 ambush.

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